Friday, July 06, 2018


Since I was a child I've believed in and have been waiting for the Rapture, not so much then as now, I wanted to grow up, graduate, get married, all the things a young person dreams of for their future, things that children and their parents still want. It's hard to tell people that by the signs of times and fulfilled prophesies the time is almost here. I'm always looking at signs in the heavens and prophesy in the news, particularly when it comes to Israel. Israel as a nation started the end-time clock, not that the world will ever really end, but the world as we know it now will. Anyway, I look at Jewish holidays and signs in the heavens and think maybe this could be the time of the catching away of the church, Billye Brim once said jokingly that the Lord might give a prize to the one who guesses right, probably not but there is a minor Jewish holiday coming up July 26 and 27 called Tu B Av, it's kind of like Valentines day in our country, reportedly in the past young women would go out and dance in the fields and young men would choose their brides, it's called a mysterious holiday because Israel isn't quite sure why they started celebrating it, but coupled with the fact of the longest lunar eclipse in 21st century on the 27th, which is also a blood moon, maybe God had a reason we are not aware of for the celebration, the Rapture is about Christ returning for His bride, the church. Maybe? Just wondering??? If not then, soon!

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