Sunday, February 13, 2011


In the last few years I've heard several ministers state that God cannot lie with the reasoning that if God says it it will happen and nothing can stop it, ie., "let there be light, and there was light". While I agree that God cannot lie, I don't agree with the assumption that He cannot control the power of His own words. An instance in the Bible in which God spoke something and it didn't happen is in Exodus 32:7-14. the Israelites sinned by having a golden calf created and worshipping it while Moses was on Mt. Sinai receiving the commandments of God for them, in verse 11 God said He would destroy them and make Moses a great nation, it didn't automatically happen because God spoke it, in verses 11-13 Moses intercedes for them and in verse 14, God changes His mind. Another instance is in 2 Kings 20:1-11, God told Isaiah to tell King Hezekiah that he would die and not live, but King Hezekiah prays and in verses 5 and 6 God tells Isaiah to tell him that He will heal him and add 15 more years to his life. He didn't die back in verse one in the instant God spoke it.
The Word made flesh, God in human form, the One Who was in the beginning with God and Who made all things and without Whom was nothing made that was made (John 1:1-3), the Master who spoke to the storm "peace be still" and the storm obeyed His voice, the one who healed the sick and commanded demons out of people, who raised from the dead Jairus' daughter, Lazarus, and the son of the widow of Nain with commands from His mouth, this same Jesus,in the Garden of Gethsemene spoke the words "let this cup of suffering pass from me", God spoke with God, Jesus prayed, but those words did not happen instantaneously, they didn't happen at all. Jesus loved us and was willing to accept this as God's way to save us, therefore Jesus bore the suffering of being beaten and abused, the One who never sinned became our sin, and He bore the curse of dying on a tree (the cross), He even went through hell for us. God the Son didn't lie when He spoke "let this cup of suffering pass from me", but thank God he went through with God's plan of redemption. The rest of the story is that God raised Him from the dead and He broke the power of sin forever for those of us who accept Him as Saviour and Lord.

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