Sunday, December 13, 2009


Recently I've had some dilemmas. I felt like I had a huge puzzle to work out, I thought I knew what the final picture should look like. I took a piece while the Puzzle Master looked on, it looked like it would fit perfectly, the right color, the right shape, but it didn't fit, surely it had to fit, I tried to turn it, force it, but it just wouldn't fit. Over and over again the different pieces I thought were perfect just didn't fit. Frustrated I turned to the Puzzle Master, you know I need to put this puzzle together, please help me. He smiled and took a piece I wouldn't have thought would fit at all and slipped it neatly into place, then another and another. He hasn't finished the puzzle yet but the picture's starting to look clearer, and I've learned just to leave it to the Puzzle Master.

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