Sunday, February 22, 2009


I'm a Speaking Spirit, I believe God has given His children the ability to speak to circumstances, situations and things and see change. I've done it and I've seen the results. It's still all in God's hands, after all he's the power behind the words, but sometimes He requires natural solutions to the problems we face. We might pray asking for a miracle but instead God gives a solution. A while back I spoke to a blinker that wasn't working and it started working again. About three weeks ago the blinker stopped working again, I spoke to it and it still didn't work. I talked to God about it, but it still didn't work when I spoke to it, I couldn't turn the bolts and wasn't sure what I was doing anyway so I finally took my car to a shop. I was told that since the blinker worked sometimes (which it did) it wasn't the bulb, it might be the wiring or something else, I went home without a solution. Soon my husband discovered my headlamp was also out and I couldn't even get to it to see if I could replace it myself, I took the car back to shop and was told since they would have to move some things to get to it, it would cost me around $70.00, I called my husband and he said not to do it. I was kind of upset with him because I wanted a solution now. I was driving around with my brights on at night and one of my back blinkers out. I was believing God not to let me get a ticket because I had at least tried to get it fixed, but my requests to God for a solution were still in His hands. When I went shopping at Wal Mart I got an oil change and asked if they could replace the headlamp, they did. The first shop I went to loosened the bolts on the taillamp and I was able to get it off, I went to an autoparts store, bought the bulb and replaced the blinker bulb myself, and that's all it was. The whole thing cost less than $20.00. With checking wiring, etc. it may have been well over $100 if God had not been involved in it.

Also I had a new clothes dryer that wasn't working efficiently, I talked to God and told Him I wanted my dryer to work, I spoke to the dryer and it still didn't work, then God gave me the thought that I should move the dryer out a little more, I did, now it works perfectly.

I spoke to an ice storm and told it it couldn't come, it came anyway, it caused my sister and her daughter to be in an accident which wasn't their fault, they weren't hurt but the car was badly damaged. I told God I wanted to get even with Satan for what he did to my sister. God did it for me, the insurance of the young man who hit them paid to get her car fixed, now it looks better than it ever did, inside and out, it didn't cost her anything. All negative affects of that ice storm were nullified as far as my family is concerned.

This may not sound like much but in these days when people are scared senseless about the economy, it would behoove all of us to invite God to be involved in our financial situations, to help us with our financial decisions, and keep us from making financial mistakes, to give us solutions to problems and miracles when we need them.

If these little things sound like nothing to you but ordinary solutions to ordinary problems then don't tell me about it, tell someone who has to be bailed out, my mortgage is paid off, and God is changing my ordinary house into the house I wanted.

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You are sincerely loony.