Wednesday, January 25, 2006


(I wrote this shortly after the election in 2004)


I am what the mainstream media calls a right wing conservative Christian, and to their consternation, it gives me great pleasure, but I'm angry. We felt it was urgent that President Bush be re-elected. We gathered in churches and in meetings in many places in the country to pray. Some of the most powerful prayers on the planet met in Branson, Missouri right before the election to pray. I for one petitioned God that He would get His children out to vote, and I'm sure I was not alone. Now that we have made our voices heard, the media, the liberals, other countries, etc. are trying to convince this country that our President and our government have a responsibility to become more liberal, move further to the left, and ignore us. If we are in such huge numbers that we influenced an election shouldn't our government and our President pay attention to our opinions? Why do liberals feel their ideals should supercede what the majority of the people of this country have made known in this election that they want?

We believe in God, we believe our first responsibility is to our God, and the fact that left wing extremists working with the mainstream media and liberal judges are trying to push God out of American Society infuriates us. They say, for political reasons, that they believe in God, but then try to legislate Him out of every aspect of our lives, except our churches and our homes, and they would probably try to do that if they felt they could get away with it. They twist laws and the words and intent of the constitution to make unlawful determinations. If they really believed in the one, true God, I think they would be greatly afraid of offending Him. Ps 37:12 "The wicked plotteth against the just, and gnasheth upon him with his teeth." Ps 37:13 "The Lord shall laugh at him: for he seeth that his day is coming." They want to silence or hide everything that has to do with Christianity to keep from offending anyone, well they offend me and millions of other Christians when they do this. The problem is they don't really believe in the true and living God, they think you can pick and choose whichever God you want. We believe God gave men freedom of choice and they can choose to worship however and whatever they wish, as long as they are peaceful, we do however know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, they are wrong, and that we have a God given responsibility to convince as many as possible of the truth. Just because some don’t believe the truth doesn’t make it any less the truth.

We are fed up with all the political correctness that attempts to imprison our freedom to share the truth with people. Jesus wasn't afraid of offending the Religious leaders of his day, as a matter of fact they were so offended they had Him crucified. He spoke the truth in love in spite of whether people were offended at what he said because he wanted to help them, and we are exhorted to follow His example. Christians are not tolerant of destructive lifestyles nor should we be. We don't hate homosexuals, we want to tell them the truth that will set them free, but common sense and the bible tells us their lifestyle is wrong and we don't want to see it be accepted or be spread freely.

How do we know our truth is the truth, because our God is involved in our lives. He answers our prayers and meets our needs, He heals us when we are sick, and comforts us when we grieve. He sometimes opens seemingly impossible to open doors for us, and yes, He really does speak to us. No, I have not heard God's audible voice, though some have, but He has spoken to me in my heart, in my Spirit, in my thoughts. He speaks through His word, he speaks through people. He is God and He has multitudes of ways to make His will known to us. He convicts, warns, directs, comforts, and expresses His love for us. I was amused when during one of the debates they tried to get President Bush to say he hears from God and follow His directions. Well duh! What world leader would not want to get directions from the Creator of all that exists, who, if not for His great love for us, could destroy this whole planet with a breath. I would have been more comforted if President Bush had said "I do hear from God and I obey Him." Wouldn't the press and the democrats have had a field day with that? For those of us who truly believe in God it seems that any world leader would want to get instructions and advice from Him and admit it despite the fact that some who believe in false gods or no god at all may be offended. I would rather offend them than Almighty God.

We also know our truth is the truth because we see prophesies from the bible happening today. We read about them in our daily newspapers and see their fulfillment on TV news broadcasts. We might be called "wacko" or other scurrilous names but those who are still here the morning the headlines read "MILLIONS MISSING ALL OVER THE WORLD" will regret they did not listen to us. We cringe when we see the leaders of wonderful nations like the United States and Britton pressure Israel to give up their land for peace. According to my Bible there will be a peace but it will be a false, deceptive peace, and that treaty will be broken. Israel will have true peace only when their Messiah and our Lord Jesus Christ sets up His reign in Jerusalem. Most of us who know anything about prophesy don’t believe we have another 50 or 60 years of things continuing as they are. The progress toward this false peace, which precedes the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to set up His kingdom on earth, seems to be developing rapidly. It would not be a shock to many of us if it happens during President Bush’s second term.

I am an introvert, and not very communicative, but I have strong beliefs and opinions and I want to share them because I love this country and want it to be blessed by God and to be what the Bible calls a sheep nation (one that stands with Israel) and I also don’t want anyone to go to hell. Contrary to popular belief we are not all God’s children and not everyone will get to go to Heaven, good television programs such as “Touched By An Angel” gave the wrong impression that all good people go to heaven, but this is deceptive, even some “good” people won’t be there, only those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord, who acknowledge that he gave His life as a ransom for us and that we are saved from wrath by His blood sacrifice on the cross, and that we can only be set free by accepting His sacrifice.

We love President Bush and want to see him succeed. We really do want men in our government offices who have the wisdom and courage to make laws based on God's Word and will.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work with your blog!

Anonymous said...

is this tirade about God and sinners OR about that half-cracked president we elected? I canna see how One has to do with the other and why are you blaming God????????

Anonymous said...

When you speak of Christianity, you must remember that you are being corrupted by the Republican Party. There is no such thing as a conservative Christian. There is no such thing as a Protestant Work Ethic. These are all ideas that Christ himself fought against.

I am a very strong Orthodox Christian and I am so pleased to see entire Protestant congregations coming back to the Orthodox faith.

Our teachings do not involve politics or simple ideas like magical demons making us do bad things. Each person has it within himself the ability to choose right from wrong, that is our focus.

Stop being a tool of the wealthy and become a real Christian. Use your Web Site to teach the true message of Christ and not the message of a War-dodging, Cocaine-Using, Drunk-Driving politician. (And I am not advocating for the Democrats)

Try putting this on your site:

Humility is the greatest achievement of our mortal existence. To be humble is to serve dinner at a homeless shelter and never tell anyone about it. To be humble is to fast during the Great Lent and never complain or let anyone know you are doing it. Humility is donating money to a true Christian project anonymously.

Compassion for other human beings: The Jews in Israel need to be compassionate of the ones they occupy. Read the scriptures carefully. If what you contend is correct, the Native Americans have the God-given right to kill you, your family and everyone around you!

The people of Israel are not God's favorites! If you read the scriptures you will find that the descendents of Isaac were the Chosen ones. They were Chosen to bring about the Messiah. This was because under Jewish tradition a child can only be considered Jewish if the mother is a Jew. Abraham had two sons, Isaac's mother was the Jew. Since the Messiah has come, the Jewish people have only the same favor of God that every other human has, they completed their mission.

There are several other things you should consider about Christianity:

1. December 25th was chosen as Christ's Birthday only because it was the day of a pagan sun god , Emperor Constantine's favorite God.
2. Roman Catholic Easter and Protestant Easter is faulty. How can you celebrate Easter before Jewish Passover? Passover is why Jesus was traveling to Jerusalem.
3. The bible was canonized under a suspense set by the Roman Emperor. Many books were left out due to the time-constraint.
4. The original sin is our knowledge of our own existence and our ability to create. It is representative of our own self-awareness, our ability to see ourselves as our own Gods. The original Sin has nothing to do with sex.

If you still don't believe what I have said, think about this... Every day the Bush Administration contacts the leader of the Evangelicals in America. This person, I forget his name and refuse to refer to him as a holy man, has a huge church, something along the lines of 20,000 members weekly. If you visit this church, you will find bookstores, coffee shops, food vending machines, investment literature, and all other kinds of money making ventures. He will tell you it is so that he can do God's work. But I want you to open your bible and read the passage where Christ himself turned over the tables of the merchants in the Temple.

I wish for you and every other "Conservative Christian" that the peace and love of Jesus Christ may enter your heart and clear your minds.

- Brian